Becoming a Connected Educator

I try to improve on the job by attending four or five conferences a year because it provides me with the opportunity to reflect on my own practice. I’m also connected online through Twitter and other social media to stay connected to my personal learning network. By attending conferences I am balancing my face-to-face professional development with my online professional development thereby demonstrating to my students the act of being a constant learner. This ‘journey’ of securing a platform to share information could not have been possible without my colleague and mentor Kristen Fitzsimmons who shares the same passion as me for equity and inclusion. Kristen, being the Instructional Job Coach at St Mary’s High School, has patiently guided me through this process and she has consistently provided constructive feedback on my posts. SMHS is very fortunate to have Kristen in the very valuable role she plays in ‘coaching’. Her mentorship and guidance has inspired me to share the reasons why inclusion is the way to go.

Do you have tips for me as I continue my journey?



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